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Caves and Caverns

Caves and caverns attract many visitors who enjoy them in different ways. Visiting a cave on a tour can be a great family activity but the caves are also used by professionals who can travel miles in cavern system like the ones found at White Scar Cave near Hawes. Caving in this manner is very dangerous and should only be undertaking with the appropriate safety gear & knowledge, or by hiring a professional guide.

Traditionally, caves have often had place in the local folklore or may even have been used as an ancient dwelling. The historical and archaeological significance of caves in the region has been proved through the discovery many Neolithic remains, Attermire Cave near Settle is an example of this.

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Ingleborough Cave

Clapham, Ingleton, South Dales

Ingleborough Cave is just breathtaking. A vast underground labyrinth of passages, decorated with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, created by nature to be enjoyed by mankind. These amazing...

Caves and Potholing in the Yorkshire Dales

South Dales

There is something very special and fascinating about a cave. Not surprisingly then that caving and potholing is so popular in Yorkshire. The underground labyrinth of limestone caverns is a mecca for...

Pink Adventures

South Dales

Pink Adventures offer exciting outdoor activities tailored to suit your requirements, in stunning locations throughout the UK. With a wide choice of adventures to choose from your activity day, long...

Mother Shiptons Cave

Knaresborough, South Dales

Mother Shipton's Cave is an historic site steeped in legend and folklore. It holds a magical appeal to visitors of all ages and is a much visited tourist attraction. The world famous Petrifying Well...

White Scar Cave

Ingleton, South Dales

White Scar Cave is filled with amazing natural rock formations. There are mighty stalagmites and stalactites amongst the waterfalls and streams which have carved and created this fantastic...

Stump Cross Caverns & Tea Room

Pateley Bridge, South Dales

Stump Cross caverns are a fascinating natural wonder and an excellent place to visit. The magnificent interiors are filled with colourful minerals and rock formations. The site has a tea room and...


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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results