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12th July 2017

Hornblower job Advertised by Ripon Council

The city council of Ripon are currently advertising for a new hornblower to maintain a centuries old tradition for the North Yorkshire city.

Each night at nine o'clock a horn is blown four times in the city's Market Place, once at each corner of the central obelisk, to ‘set the watch' and signify to the locals that all is well for the night. A further three blasts of the horn are then played outside the mayor's house. This tradition, which is the longest ongoing tradition in the world, dates back to the year 886 A.D when King Alfred the Great visited the city. It is said that the king was so impressed by the place and their readiness in case of attack from marauding Vikings that he granted the community a Royal Charter. As this was a spur of the moment act he had no prepared scroll to present the city so he used a horn, thereafter known as the Charter Horn and bade the townsfolk to look after it. This they have done so over the centuries and the original horn can still be seen in the city hall. The current hornblowing team of three share the duties and a new member is now required due to a retirement of one of the team. The new recruit will work up to three nights a week and receive £8.72 per hour plus extra for performance at civic events. During summer evenings a crowd of around a hundred people will gather to watch this ancient tradition.

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