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Skipton, South Dales

Details for Airedale

Airedale is located at the western fringe of the Yorkshire Dales National Park in North Yorkshire. Airedale and Skipton are often described as the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales and they both are home to some of the most interesting medieval buildings in the UK.

Airedale takes its name from the river Aire that runs through the valley or 'dale' as they are known. The River Aire flows from its source high up in the Dales and travels on through different terrains and south of Skipton into the Aire Valley, and then through the towns of Keighley, Bingley, and Shipley. It is here where the Aire meets the Bradford beck and heads towards Leeds and into the Ouse Basin at southern tip of the Vale of York and then to the Humber Estuary on the East Coast.

Airedale has a stunning and dramatic landscape making the area ideal for walkers, and is well known for its limestone crags; Malham Cove which is located close to the source of the River Aire is particularly impressive. The south-east area of Airedale is made up of hardy moor lands, dramatic rock outcrops and green pastures; it is also home to Skipton a traditional Dales market town and well worth including on any visitors itinerary or using as a base to explore the surrounding region.

Skipton has been an important sheep trading centre since Saxon times, this is because it is situated in the easiest location to cross the Pennines. The Leeds-Liverpool Canal runs through Skipton and many tourists take a trip by canal boat, or even a holiday afloat on the canal. Also in Skipton is one of the countries best preserved medieval...


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