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Aysgarth Falls
Aysgarth, Leyburn, North Dales

Details for Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth Falls Bridge

Aysgarth Falls are one of natures most stunning gifts. The spectacular scenery is enhanced by the amazing wildlife which has made its home in and around the falls. The river is teeming with fish and the trees are alive with birds and squirrels. 

Mother Nature has created some wonderful gifts to be enjoyed by all, and there are no better sights to be found than those bestowed on and around the stunning Yorkshire Dales. Aysgarth Falls are situated on the River Ure, set amongst a picturesque area of woodland which forms part of a protected Site of Special Scientific Interest.

This is also a Local Nature Reserve where the abundant wildlife, flora and fauna changes with the seasons, but is always breathtakingly beautiful. The falls are at their dramatic best after the wet weather as the rains swell the river to capacity and the waters crash and tumble down the ancient limestone rocks, creating an awesome sight.

Surrounded by Freeholder's Wood with its masses of wild flowers which cover the woodland floor, the river is well populated by a variety of fish and crustaceans which support the abundant birds and water fowl that have come to inhabit this rich area. The flowers and plant life attract numerous species of insects and butterflies which are delightful to watch as they go about their busy lives.

There are many pleasant walks through the woods where the peace and tranquillity is only broken by the sound of birdsong, the rustle of small mammals in the undergrowth and the buzzing of insects. A heavenly place where fishermen can sit and while away the day whilst enjoy their sport. This is a popular visitor area and has excellent facilities to allow it to be enjoyed by everyone at any time of...


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