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Bollywood Cottage Indian Restaurant
Gargrave, Skipton, South Dales

Details for Bollywood Cottage Indian Restaurant

An authentic taste of India awaits at the Bollywood Cottage Indian Restaurant in Skipton. The extensive menu and traditional spices are typical of true Indian cooking and only the freshest ingredients are used. The restaurant also offers a full take away menu. 

The first thing you will think of when you hear the name of this restaurant will be all the colour and glamour of the Bollywood film industry, it may therefore come as a surprise when you see the façade of this lovely restaurant. It is like a country cottage painted in a soft sunshine yellow with a very attractive outside seating area, where you could enjoy an aperitif or maybe a liquor with your coffee as a very pleasant way to end a delicious meal.

Inside the restaurant is light and bright and with some tables by the windows giving a pleasing view to the outside.

We all love an Indian meal, some enjoy the milder side of a curry while others like to test their own strength by going for some rather hot, but however you like your food, it will be prepared with you in mind.

You will be offered a selection of starters to suit vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, most people like Onion Bhaji but what about Aloo Chaat which is potato and cucumber on puree for a change. There is a selection of seafood starters which are mainly prawns in the many guises the chefs can deliver.

The Bollywood has a Fusion selection to choose from which is definitely different, Scottish Venison or Yorkshire Pheasant, both slightly on the hot side but have you ever seen a restaurant advertise such a dish?

The restaurant is licensed to serve you a very pleasant glass of wine to accompany your meal, so for an Indian Restaurant with a difference, try...

Bollywood Cottage Indian Restaurant
60-62 High Street
North Yorkshire
BD23 3LX
01756 749252

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