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Caves and Potholing in the Yorkshire Dales
South Dales

Details for Caves and Potholing in the Yorkshire Dales

White Scar Cave

There is something very special and fascinating about a cave. Not surprisingly then that caving and potholing is so popular in Yorkshire. The underground labyrinth of limestone caverns is a mecca for extreme sport enthusiasts.

The Yorkshire Dales contains some of England’s finest limestone scenery making it a popular destination for caving and pothholing.

Britain’s largest collection of caves in terms of size and numbers are located in the Yorkshire Dales, they also rival caves found in South Wales for quality too. Caves can be found scattered on hillside areas but the main caving community is based around the village of Ingleton in the south west dales, and here you can also find caving shops, cafes and accommodation. Clapham village also makes an excellent base for exploring the Ingleborough area. The area surrounding Ingleton is interesting to geologists because this is where the well known Craven Fault crosses through the Dales.

Caves in the Yorkshire Dales areas are well documented; the Dalesman publishes the definite reference guides and documents of every hole which is big enough for a person to explore.

Around Wharfedale and Ingleton and to the north of Malham limestone pavements can be found, they have taken shape since the end of the ice age 12,000 years ago. They were formed by glaciers scraping down the land to the limestone which left exposed has been attacked by rainwater creating network crevices (grikes) and blocks (clints).

Special attractions for the expert pot-holer include Alum Pot, Gaping Gill system on the west side of Ingleborough, Kingsdale Master System close by to Ingleton and Mossdale Caverns. The Lancaster Pot and Easegill...

Caves and Potholing in the Yorkshire Dales
North Yorkshire
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