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Settle, South Dales

Details for Clapdale

Brokken Bridge at Clapham

Beautiful Clapdale lies within the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks area of the dales. The bottom of the dale is covered in thick woodland which supports a wonderful variety of wildlife and provides some breathtaking scenery.

Clapham Beck runs down from its source in Beck Head Cave, high on Ingleborough, which is one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. Running through the valley until it reaches an ornamental lake in the village of Clapham which is situated at the bottom. From the lake it tumbles over a waterfall and continues down through the valley, with a number of pretty stone bridges along the way.

The numerous scenic walks and climbs from in and around the dale are simply stunning. Uphill there are rugged limestone crags which look down over the green valley, scattered with caves and potholes just waiting to be explored. Higher up the valley is Foxholes a small rock shelter dating back to Neolithic times, where prehistoric remains were discovered. At the very top of the dale walkers pass by Trow Gill, a very steep, tree lined limestone ravine which hangs over the dale head. It was thought to have been formed after one of the many underground caves collapsed, leaving the dramatic rock formation which is visible today.

Clapham is a very tranquil small village with the beautiful stone Church of St James at its heart. There are a number of shops, galleries and cafes which command wonderful riverside views and offer delicious home made food. Accommodation is readily available and ranges from bunkhouses to...


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