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CluesGo Treasure Hunts
Skipton, South Dales

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CluesGo brings the age old excitement of a treasure hunt back into the countryside. And where better than the stunning Yorkshire Dales to explore every hill and dale along the way. You are sure to find things you never expected to see there.

Enjoy a CluesGo Treasure Hunt around the Yorkshire Dales town of Skipton in North Yorkshire. They are great fun with either the Family or Real Ale versions to choose from. Ideal for families or groups and a very interesting way to get to know this historic Yorkshire town.  

Treasure Hunts, (or Scavenger Hunts or Treasure Trails as they are sometimes known), are a great way to explore and to spend an hour or two with friends or family. If that's what you're looking for you're in the right place.

CluesGo Skipton Family Treasure Hunt

There's no treasure but it is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and a good way of getting to know your way around Skipton. It's a 3½ mile route starting at the North of Skipton which takes you round the popular tourist parts as well as some of the more out of the way bits. On the way there are dates to look out for which are mainly on buildings, things to collect and questions to answer about things on the route. Points are awarded depending on how difficult the question is.

It's free to download from the CluesGo website or can be bought from various shops in Skipton for £1.95.

CluesGo Skipton Real Ale Treasure Hunt

If you enjoy real ale and puzzles you'll like this treasure hunt around several Skipton pubs. There's no treasure, you just get points for finding things and answering questions about items in the pubs. Best done in...


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CluesGo Treasure Hunts
North Yorkshire

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