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Leyburn, North Dales

Details for Coverdale

Situated in a beautiful location in the Yorkshire Dales, Coverdale is a picturesque valley which surrounds the river Cover. This limestone based glacial valley supports the river, which is set amidst ancient woodlands and is conserved by the Yorkshire River Dales Trust.

The clear clean waters are inhabited by Grayling and Brown Trout and the many crossing points with stepping stones and stone bridges provide excellent fishing sites. The sides of the valley are covered in pasture land and grassy fields, separated by pretty limestone walls. There are numerous paths and trails which offer delightful walks through the countryside.

Within the valley lie the tiny villages of Coverham, West Scrafton, Caldbergh, Carlton and Horshouse. Close by are the towns of Middleham and Kettlewell, which are connected via a narrow country lane.

Coverham is a tiny village in which lies the spectacular remains of Coverham Abbey. There are a number of stone cottages and close by the 13th Century Holy Trinity Church which is now an English Heritage Grade II listed building. Tupgill Park lies between Coverham and Middleham and houses The Forbidden Corner. A wonderful visitor attraction for all age groups, this unique and quirky place was originally a private folly which has now expanded and become a fascinating place to visit. There is a deer park, a fish temple with a bridge from where the fish can be fed and a breathtaking walled herb garden.

West Scrafton is a tiny ancient village nestled beneath the Roova Crags, where a number the buildings are Grade II listed. There are no more than 40 buildings within the village and of those there are 10 are listed. All the buildings are of stone construction and include farm houses, a small manor...


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