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Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden
Ripon, South Dales

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Fountains Abbey
Water Gardens

Fountains Abbey is part of a World Heritage Site and is a major tourist attraction. The area is stunning and the beautiful natural habitat is teeming with wildlife. The Studley Royal Water Garden is a National Trust jewel and is well worth a visit. 

This Abbey is unsurprisingly a World Heritage Site, and when you come to visit it will become clear why, just look around you and take in the fabulous scenery, the 12th Century monastery and the only Cistercian corn mill.

Fountains Abbey was home to 13 monk’s way back in 1132 until Henry the VIII demanded its closure but thankfully it is the most complete Cistercian Abbey we have left today.

Wonder onto the Studley Royal Water Garden and marvel at its beauty, it was the vision of John Aislabie and what was once a wild wooded area, is now this wonderful Georgian Garden.

One of the oldest buildings is Fountains Mill which was in use up to 1927.  The Mill was restored in 2001 and some objects from the Mill’s previous life were discovered and are now on display.  You are able to grind some corn if you wish and why not, you don’t get the chance to do that every day.  Watch the water wheel go!

Studley Deer Park is home to 500 Deer including Fallow, Red and Sika Deer.  In 1716 a Manor house also shared this land until it was consumed by fire, it was rebuilt 50 years later but again fell foul of fire in 1946 and this time it was demolished.

The Fountains Restaurant is a surprisingly modern looking building and will serve you breakfast, lunch and if you come on a Sunday make a day of it and have Sunday Lunch.

Where do you find all this natural beauty, Ripon in North Yorkshire and you know where...


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Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden
North Yorkshire
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