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Sedbergh, North Dales

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Garsdale Head
Moorcock Viaduct

Garsdale located in Northern England, is a narrow valley situated on the Pennines between Baugh Fell and Rise Hill. The dale falls into the Yorkshire Dales National Park but for local government purposes it is within the South Lakeland district of Cumbria.

Garsdale has a population of just over 200 inhabitants; many of the houses in the dale are used as second homes. The only public building within Garsdale apart from the churches is the village hall which was once the primary school.

There are 18 working farms within Garsdale, because there is such a high annual rainfall of up to 250 mm, crops other than hay and silage are impossible to grow. Most farms are stock rearing, with just two small dairy farms. The main hamlet in Garsdale is called 'The Street' this is located on the A684, 10 miles west of Hawes. Garsdale village itself is a tiny hamlet with a church and two chapels, but no pub!!.

The River Clough runs through Garsdale, it is mainly rocky and shallow but does have the occasional pool which is large enough to swim in. The Clough rises on the north-eastern slopes of Baugh Fell, flows through Grisedale before becoming the river Clough at Garsdale Head. One of the most popular photographic places is the Moorcock Viaduct which crosses Dandy Mire just north of Garsdale. Wild horses roam the countryside freely not a sight often found in today in England.

The market town of Sedbergh lies on the western edge of Garsdale at the foot of the Howgill Fells. Sedbergh was developed where four valleys and four rivers which were originally ancient trading routes all merged. Sedbergh has a unique atmosphere created...


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