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Green Laning in The Yorkshire Dales
Reeth, Masham, North Dales

Details for Green Laning in The Yorkshire Dales

Green Laning is quite an issue for some, and an important part of life for others. Where the historic country lanes are still unsurfaced and wild, and bikers and 4X4 drivers enjoy some really rugged driving out in the spectacular countryside.

Green Laning is the modern term for driving a motor vehicle or bike along unlaid and unsurfaced lanes and tracks in the countryside. Most participants have large four wheel drive vehicles or trial bikes and enjoy the thrill, exhilaration and challenge of the rough terrain.

The roads and lanes that are used have to be legally covered by the public law, with vehicular rights which are sometimes ancient and difficult to understand. The main laws cover legal use of Unclassified Country Roads, Byways Open to All Traffic and Roads Used as Public Paths. Concerns have been raised about the impact of modern vehicles on these old roads and the wildlife and flora which inhabit them and the surrounding areas.

Clearly public bridleways and footpaths should be avoided and the use of restricted byways and private land is illegal without express permission from the land owner. The National Park Authority has been working hard to minimise any conservation and safety issues with the vehicle owners groups and the village residents. There are now guidelines in place to ensure that this is adhered to and hopefully the sport will be able to continue to be enjoyed by all without danger or damage to the public or the natural landscape.

For further information  please visit Yorkshire Dales National Park Green Lanes Driving.


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