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Hebblethwaite Hall Wood
Sedbergh, North Dales

Details for Hebblethwaite Hall Wood

The Woodland Trust is responsible for the management of Hebblethwaite Hall Wood near Sedbergh. This ancient woodland is full of wonderful natural features, including waterfalls, pebble beaches and fantastic arrays of wild flowers.

Situated at Cautley, close to the town of Sedbergh lies the ancient and historic woodland of Hebblethwaite Hall Wood, divided by a stream which flows down from Hebblethwaite Hall Gill, further up the valley.

The dense woodland contains some of nature's most dramatic features. Strolling through the woods visitors will come across unexpected and delightful sights, like a shingle beach or a picturesque waterfall. As part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, some of the tree planting has been done by man, the rest by Mother Nature. The Woodland Trust is now responsible for the care and upkeep of the area and manages the conservation of these 5 hectares of stunning natural beauty for all to enjoy. As the seasons change so does the woodland, the vast amount of wild spring flowers that carpet the woodland floor is just breathtaking to behold. The bluebell carpet in particular draws the crowds. The variations and species of ferns, shrubs and mosses are endless and as the woodlands are becoming more well preserved the now rare Red Squirrel is beginning to return, which is exciting news for nature lovers.

There are a number of designated paths to walk through and many more challenging ones to explore, which can be a little hazardous in bad weather. Maps, information and directions can be obtained from the Woodland Trust or the Yorkshire Dales National Park Information Centre.


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