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Jervaulx Abbey & Tea Rooms
Ripon, North Dales

Details for Jervaulx Abbey & Tea Rooms

Jervaulx Abbey conjures up the romantic image of the once busy monastery, the ruins stand as a reminder of the tranquil days gone by. Perfectly situated for exploring the amazing countryside of the North York Moors.

Jervaulx Abbey is a most beautiful and enchanting Abbey set within the stunning Yorkshire Dales. This stunning Abbey is easily found as it is located quite close to the horse racing capital of the North, Middleham. It is situated on the A6108 between Leyburn and Masham.

This pleasingly beautiful Abbey was originally founded in 1156 and was once a superb Cistercian Monastery. The Abbey was pillaged and plundered in the 16th Century due to the Dissolution of the Monasteries. It now stands as and amazingly stunning but yet enchanting ruin. The area is so welcoming but yet so very peaceful and tranquil, it is amazing to say the least. It is also believed to be the second largest privately owned Cistercian Abbey in the United Kingdom.

Visitors are welcome all year round from Dawn until Dusk. The History of the Abbey tells how its roof was stripped of all lead and its Church was blown up with gun powder.

After visiting this amazing piece of History, visitors can relax and submerge themselves in the aura that surrounds Jervaulx Abbey by visiting the café to enjoy some fine quality local produce. Also in the café is a lovely model of how the Abbey would have originally looked, back in the mdid1530s.

The stunning setting of the abbey has played host to many events, including numerous wedding blessings and a range of wedding receptions. This is also an ideal place for that extra special photo shoot.


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Jervaulx Abbey & Tea Rooms
North Yorkshire
01677 460391

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