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Mother Shiptons Cave
Knaresborough, South Dales

Details for Mother Shiptons Cave

Mother Shipton's Cave is an historic site steeped in legend and folklore. It holds a magical appeal to visitors of all ages and is a much visited tourist attraction. The world famous Petrifying Well holds a great fascination for all who visit.

In 1448 a baby called Ursula was born in a cave whilst a violent storm raged outside, Ursula and other mother continued to live in the cave until Ursula at the age of two was taken away to live elsewhere. She was depicted to be a witch in her looks and manner and because of the attitude towards her: she spent her time back close to where she was born, Mother Shiptons Cave.

Ever dropped your penny down the wishing well, made your wish but knowing deep down it probably won't come true, many a story has been told of wishes coming true at this Wishing Well and what about the Petrifying Well Spring, well I will let you find out that little secret for yourself??

The Museum is slightly an unusual museum in regards to its objects, Queen Elizabeth's shoe for example, no she didn't lose it , it was donated, just one of them? John Wayne's hat, Agatha Christy's handbag wonder what you would find in that?

In need of some refreshment after all this hard work, then come for a refreshment, Mother Shiptons Inn is to the rear of the Cave and you can enjoy a beautifully kept pint of ale or a finely chilled wine whilst munching down some really good home cooked food. If you prefer to be outside whilst munching, go to the Tea Room and sit at one of the many picnic tables provided for your use.

Mother Shiptons Cave is a lot more than just a cave.


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Mother Shiptons Cave
Prophecy Lodge
North Yorkshire
01423 864600

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