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Hawes, North Dales

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Raydale is one of the smallest and most tranquil of the Yorkshire Dales and offers visitors the chance to explore this wonderful area in peaceful and relaxing surroundings.

The tiny River Bain runs through the valley and is thought to be the shortest river in England. There are small clusters of houses and farm buildings scattered throughout the ancient dale, and it has an impressive Roman Road running through to Bainbridge. Raydale which is adjacent to its larger neighbour Wensleydale is within the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is home to Semerwater.

Semerwater is a large freshwater lake which is the only natural lake in Yorkshire. It is situated south of Askrigg and is steeped in legend and folklore. It is said that there was once a town where the lake now lies, which was flooded one night after an unwelcome traveller put a curse on the people who made him unwelcome and the town and it's inhabitants were drowned. The lake is a popular fishing venue and is also used for a range of water sports, including sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. Surrounding the lake there is an abundance of natural wildlife including many species of birds and insects.

Throughout the summer months there are excellent walks, with five permissive walks especially designed to take in all the wonderful sights and places of interest within the dale itself. Roman roads, prehistoric settlements and some beautiful woodlands and meadows are all highlights of the area, as are the...


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