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Sawley Abbey
Clitheroe, South Dales

Details for Sawley Abbey

Sawley Abbey is an English Heritage site and a place of great historic interest. The ruins of the Abbey are preserved as a monument to the monks who once lived there and the fascinating facts about their lives and times are well documented.

Sawley Abbey in Lancashire came into being in 1148 and is set against some stunning scenery and the River Ribble runs along close by.

Once home to Cistercian Monks, troubled times with bad weather and sodden land almost saw the monks leave for pastures new but thanks to Countess of Warwick who donated new land, the Monks stayed put.  But further trouble over land and fishing rights saw a feud that would last from 1296 until 1305.  The next three hundred years saw many parts of the Abbey disappear as the stone was removed to build cottages and also used on neighbouring farms but the 20th century stopped the Abbey deteriorating any further as English Heritage took over and cleared the land and it is still here for us to enjoy.

There are still many parts of the Abbey today, which shows you what life would have been like. The remains of the Abbots lodgings, the night stair are still well preserved.  The short Nave is still visible today and lack of money stopped it fulfilling its potential of a full length nave.

If you are interested in this type of property you are in the right area as you can carry on and visit Goodshaw Chapel, Whalley Abbey Gatehouse, Wartons Old Rectory, history just abounds in this part of the world.

There is no fee to come and take in the wonder of the Abbey but English Heritage are always open to new members and would much appreciate your support.


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