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TeK2 Fly Fishing
York, South Dales

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Operated by Jeff Metcalfe, TeK2 Fly Fishing offers one to one and group fly fishing guidance and tuition on superb Yorkshire rivers and still waters. All skill and experience levels catered for and corporate events can be arranged.

If you have ever fancied taking up the peaceful and relaxing past time of fly fishing then look no further than TeK2 Fly Fishing.

This is a typical one day course, you will learn how to set up your equipment, learn how to tie fly fish knots, learn how to cast and learn about line management. Learn about trout and its habitat; learn the techniques of fly fishing, how to catch and most importantly how to land the dam thing once you have it on the end of the line. You have notes to study when you are at home so the next time you come, you won't be quite a novice.

Tuition can be for the individual or it can be a group of you, how long do you want, an hour, half a day or all day, choice is yours and you don't have to be a novice. Maybe you need to update your skills, hone the technique; well the guys here are just what you need for the perfect catch.

Situated just north of York this gives you a choice of many rivers from which to fish, The Ouse, Nidd, Derwent to name a couple and all are home to the Barbel, fancy catching one of them, why not, you will have the assistance of an experienced barbell angler on your side.

When down by the river, you will see many other creatures of beauty that you don't always see whilst fishing around a pond, like an Otter for example or the Kingfisher.

It's a lovely way to spend a day, so make it one of your lovely days.


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TeK2 Fly Fishing
Green View
North Yorkshire
YO61 1PX
01347 838794
07791 700553

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