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The Cart House Tea Room and Craft Shop
Hawes, North Dales

Details for The Cart House Tea Room and Craft Shop

The Cart House Tea Room and Craft Shop is a delightful place to spend some time. Enjoy some delicious organic fare and take in the beautiful scenery of the dales. Follow this with a browse around the craft shop and maybe pick up a special work of art. Perfect!

The Cart House is aptly named as it actually was the old Cart House which was part of Hardraw Hall farm and opened as a tea room in 1983 and being close to Wensleydale in North Yorkshire, it makes an excellent rendezvous for when the tummy start to rumble.

Today the emphasis is on not only providing good food but the source of the food has become just as important and where possible the Cart House provide organically grown produce with other foods being sourced locally, everything is of course home cooked.

With many pictures adorning the walls, you will have much to distract you from choosing what you fancy to eat. Opening from 10am you can indulge in breakfast with a vegetarian option being available.  After breakfast is over, you can choose whether you just want something light like soup and bread or you may wish something slightly more substantial, or maybe you just want a cup of tea and a piece of cake Aunt Sally.

The same family has run the Cart House and therefore know exactly what the customer wants, and in case it's not on the menu, all you have to do is ask, if they can assist you they will, that's what they are like, so welcoming and friendly, even if you are not hungry you will want to come in and enjoy the atmosphere.

Hopefully the weather will be good and you can sit outside and soak up the sun whilst enjoying a refreshment of your choice.


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The Cart House Tea Room and Craft Shop
North Yorkshire
01969 667691

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