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The Tea Pottery
Leyburn, North Dales

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Skilled potter at work
The Tea Pottery

The Tea Pottery specialises in unique and quirky, individually designed teapots, which have become world renowned. The designs are endless and the hand made teapots are much sought after. Many are bought by collectors and some are commissioned by the rich and famous.

Lots of people collect lots of different things and quite a lot of people collect Teapots, therefore they cannot afford to miss The Tea pottery where the choice of teapots is unbelievable. Their stock comes from all over the world and they make Teapots in shapes and designs that you have never even thought of.

They have limited editions where you could add Alan Titchmarshs Watering Can tea pot to your collection, or a Brass bed tea pot or what about a Romany caravan tea pot, they are fantastic little pieces and the prices are fantastic too, considering everyone is individual.

If you have someone that is into the music scene, look in the large Teapots section and there is one called Band on Tour Teapot, its fab, or what about the Tea Dance teapot. You are guaranteed a talking point when your friends spot your tea pot.

Mid- size tea pots could be for the Golfers amongst you with the golf bag tea pot or a toaster teapot, honestly you won't be able to make up your mind which one to buy, you can understand why people collect them they are just so cute and funny.

They even have a section of slightly imperfect seconds and therefore prices slightly lower on these tea pots. There are tiny tea pots, maybe they are for tiny people.

But do have a look at the Art 4 section, these teapots are very modern but with an Art Deco look also, stylish not matter what.

To brighten up any tea time buy a pot from the Tea...


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The Tea Pottery
Leyburn Business Park
North Yorkshire
01937 588235

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