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Leyburn, North Dales

Details for Waldendale

Waldendale is one of the Yorkshire Dales most tranquil and least visited areas as it lies hidden away from nearby Wensleydale in a quiet backwater valley.

Walden Beck runs through the small hamlets of Walden Head and Walden before reaching the village of West Burton. This area is perfect as a base for exploring the unspoiled countryside and discovering the hidden gems of the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

West Burton is a picturesque little village with a large village green surrounded by clusters of stone buildings. It is a village of some historical interest which has retained many of its original features. On the green stand the traditional village cross and the old village pump which is still in working order. A set of historic stocks can still be seen as a reminder of what village life must have been like in days gone by. There are a number of shops and a traditional pub as well as plenty of accommodation available within and around the village. Cauldron Falls is a series of waterfalls which are reached via a footbridge from the northern edge of the village and is one of the main visitor sites which attract tourists from far and wide. The falls are at their most spectacular after a heavy rainfall. There are plenty of other things for visitors to see and do at West Burton including the Cat Pottery and The Old Smithy antiques centre, so it is well worth seeking out.

Walden Head and its sister village of Walden are small ancient hamlets which have few houses, a number of...


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