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Skipton, South Dales

Details for Wharfedale

Wharfedale is one of the Yorkshire Dales longest and most beautiful dales, and is located in the south of the National Park, and is home to some of the prettiest towns in England. The stunning Bolton Abbey next to the river Wharf makes an excellent day out.

Upper Wharfdale's landscape is dominated by white scars of rocks throughout the valley. Dramatic views of Wharfedale can be seen from the B6160 as you drive along, with Bolton Abbey and the River Wharfs source being just two of the many sights on view.

The land in Wharfedale has been carved by different settlers over the years. Today's village settlements such as Linton, Grassington, Bolton Abbey and Kettlewell were established by Anglian pioneers who moved through the valley in the 6th and 7th centuries. Farm hamlets in the upper dale beyond Buckden were created by 10th century Norse Settlers. Fountains Abbey and Bolton Priory were run by monks in medieval times, and both originally owned estates in Wharfedale, and it was the monks who created roads and lanes surrounding the limestone uplands. Bolton Abbey today is a popular family picnic venue as it is set next to the river and has many nature trails and footpaths in its surrounding area.

Villages in Wharfedale are very distinctive, Burnsall is thought by many to be the prettiest village in England, and Grassington a charming village with the facilities of a town, and each June...


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