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Award Winning Professional Wildlife Photographer Simon Phillpotts is based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and runs short break photography holidays, workshops, and One-to-One tuition days so you can take stunning images of the amazing wildlife to be found in the Dales.

How many times have you taken a photo and missed off the subjects head, or you just were not quick enough to capture the moment and the picture comes out a blur, most frustrating especially when it was of wild life and the opportunity has gone.  Well no more, come and be educated in the field of wild life photography by Simon Phillpotts whose photography has been recognised by many not only in the art world but by the media also.  Many national and local press have used his material, even Country File recognise his talent.

Living in the Yorkshire Dales he does not have to travel to get the shots he wants, it is all on his doorstep.  Near Hawes in the glorious Yorkshire Dales, is the one and only Hide where you can spy upon the Red Squirrel, which as we all know are very few and far between thanks to the grey squirrel taking over.  From the Hide, you will be able to admire the Red Squirrel at close quarters in its natural habitat and of course take some photo's.  The Hide can accommodate four of you, so make an outing up.

Simon offers you his experience in One to One training on how to get that perfect picture, or come in your little group to one of his photography workshops which he runs all year round, taking snaps of the Rutting Deer, Stags and a whole lot more. Or why not push the boat out and enrol for a course of between two to four days, you will be delighted as to the wild life you will come across.

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Wild Dales Photography
North Yorkshire
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