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Yorkshire Dales & Yorkshire Weather


This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

UK Weather Overview
Visitors to the UK tend to believe that it rains a lot in England, but actually rainfall is very similar to that in mainland Europe. Rainfall is fairly evenly spread throughout the year, so even in summer a visitor is likely to experience some wet weather. In spring and autumn there are likely to be some heavy showers, interspersed with sunny spells. In winter the rain is generally lighter but may be more prolonged, and snowfall sometimes heavy is not uncommon. In the summer there is often an extended period of hot sunny weather which typically ends with a spectacular thunderstorm. It is because the weather can change very quickly that many British people carry an umbrella or light raincoat with them throughout the year, even when it appears to be a fine day.

Yorkshire Weather
Although Yorkshire is located in 'the North' of England, it features a climate that is particularly suitable for year round outdoor pursuits. The prevailing winds are from the west arriving in the UK after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, from which they pick up moisture. The air rises as it reaches higher ground, cools and falls as rain. Yorkshire is protected to the West from the prevailing weather by the Pennines mountain range, and hence has a surprisingly low annual rainfall that brings the bonus of a higher than average amount of sunny days.

Yorkshire Dales Weather
The local climate and in particular the unpredictable variety of weather helps to make The Yorkshire Dales an interesting place to visit at any time of the year! However, the weather rarely spoils the general visitor’s enjoyment of the dales as there is so much to do, come rain, hail or shine, winter, spring, summer and autumn. However, be warned in the winter months the dales can be a very beautiful place to visit especially with lying snow, but only a fool would venture out on foot into the dales themselves without knowing the Weather Forecast and having the correct equipment.

Yorkshire Dales weather figures to be used as a guide:
* 150 wet days per annum
* 205 dry days per annum
* 20 snow fall days per annum
* Rainfall 1,400 to 1,600 mm
* Summer temp. typically 20 to 32 deg. C
* Winter temp. typically -1 to 10 deg. C

January to March - The coldest months with a strong possibility of heavy overnight frost and snow fall especially on the dales themselves.
April and May - Significantly warmer months often with very pleasant sunny periods, but always the possibility of showers, carry a light rain coat or brolly!
June, July and August - The driest period of the year and often signifies a typical glorious English summer, with the dales at their most spectacular.
September and October - The weather is generally pleasant at this time of year with temperate autumnal days and the area is particularly beautiful with vivid flora and fauna and especially golden tree foliage.
November and December - Nights are now drawing in with the chill of winter starting to show, and the possibility of snow fall. It also tends to be wetter than most other times of the year.

Daylight Hours
Sunrise in Winter is typically after 8am and sunset is before 4pm, making approximately 8 hours of daylight. In the summer months sunrise is generally around 4:30am and sunset is around 9:30pm, making approximately 17 hours daylight.

At the end of March the UK switches to British Summertime (GMT+1) and clocks are put forward by 1 hour. Be alert to the change to avoid missing appointments and travel connections. At the end of October clocks are put back by 1 hour as the UK reverts to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). If you forget this time you may arrive 1 hour too early for appointments or alternatively, as most Brits do, just spend 1 hour more in bed without feeling guilty! 

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