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Ballowfields Local Nature Reserve
Leyburn, North Dales

Details for Ballowfields Local Nature Reserve

Ballowfields Local Nature Reserve lies between Askrigg and Carperby in stunning Wensleydale. The area is mainly grassland and supports an abundance of bird and wildlife. The wild flowers which carpet the marshes are home to many species of butterfly and dragonfly. 

Ballowfields Local Nature Reserve is an area of Special Conservation which is situated across both sides of Eller Beck, close to Askrigg and has amazingly grown up on the remains of old lead mining tips over hundreds of years. The abundant wildlife here is supported by the stream and the rich and diverse types of landscape of which it is composed. Rare and unusual salt marsh plants and alpines can be found amongst the lead tolerant varieties which thrive here, including Thrift and Scurvygrass. Around the wetter parts by the stream there are marsh plants and grasses, where insects and butterflies can be seen flitting between the flowers. Colourful flora covers the better drained areas throughout the spring and summer, with Primroses, wild Violets, Scabious and Harebells amongst the many varieties that flourish here. A broad population of small mammals and a variety of birds now inhabit this area and it is a perfect site for birdwatching.

Ballowfield is a part of a site known as Ox Close which also includes Hawbank Woods. Parking areas and information panels are situated along the roadside from where there are a number of walks through the reserve. 


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