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Ingleborough National Nature Reserve
Ingleton, South Dales

Details for Ingleborough National Nature Reserve

Ingleborough National Nature Reserve is world renowned as the place to see a vast and diverse range of habitats, supporting wildlife in its natural environment. Plants, flowers and a huge number of small mammals and insects live and breed here.  

Ingleborough National Nature Reserve is revered as one of the best places for visitors to capture some of the finest wildlife in its natural habitat. The Nature Reserve is easy to find being located at the village of Ingleborough, just off the A65, between Settle and Clapham.

This site is one of the finest places available to see a vast array of wildlife in their many varied habitats. There is also a wide variety of different flora and fauna which flourishes in this area.

For those with a keen interest in geology, the area offers a wide range of different ground helping to grow some interesting varieties of plants and flowers. These range from Yorkshire primrose through to hare's tail cottongrass and bog asphodel in the wetter regions.

This area also supports a beautiful array of wildlife such as Roe Deer, a range of various cattle and even bats within the caves.

The nature reserve is a great place for visitors to get out and explore whilst in the area. There are a number of trails and hikes where the reserve can be seen at its best. These walks are all of varied degrees of difficulty, from the easy right up to the more challenging walks. There are a very limited number of car parking spaces available. These are at a premium at the weekends, so mid week visits are highly recommended.


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