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Stump Cross Caverns & Tea Room
Pateley Bridge, South Dales

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Stalactites and Stalagmites

Stump Cross caverns are a fascinating natural wonder and an excellent place to visit. The magnificent interiors are filled with colourful minerals and rock formations. The site has a tea room and souvenir shop as well as an informative lecture theatre. 

Nidderdale is on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales which as you all will know is one of the most beautiful parts of the English Countryside, however did you know that Stump Cross Caverns are at Nidderdale and are waiting for you to come and visit.

Well come and see what is on offer, the Caves themselves are a result of Mother Nature and were created millions of years ago.  Did you know that the ocean used to be where the Dales are now, well that's how the caves came into being, limestone was formed, over the years the caves became enlarged as underground streams eroded the rocks and the caves were what was formed.

It was miners back in 1860 that discovered the caves in their quest for lead, no lead was found but an enterprising man by the name of William Newbould decided the public would be interested and opened the caves for all to see.

Work still continues to this day to open some of the caves in the future.

When you have worked up an appetite after all your exploring you can come and replenish your body with a meal or a nice cake and a cup of tea in the very attractive tea rooms, the gift shop has some beautiful fossils and crystals for you to buy and take home as a keepsake of your day out.

Watch the 20 minute video which is on at the Lecture Theatre which will explain all the history of this amazing site, don't miss this place, put it on your list of places to go for a good day out.


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Stump Cross Caverns & Tea Room
Greenhow Hill
Pateley Bridge
North Yorkshire
(01756) 752780

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