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The Hawes Ropemaker
Hawes, North Dales

Details for The Hawes Ropemaker

The Hawes Ropemaker offers an insight into this rare and quite unique specialist trade with a fascinating history. All manner of ropes, and braids are produced for a wide variety of uses. The traditional methods used are on display to visitors at the rope works.

How many different types of knots are there, who knows, but we do know they are made out of ropes and different ropes are used for different purposes and it is not every High Street that you will find a Rope makers on.  In fact it like many other trades is very rare so when in Hawes you must come and visit and watch the long standing tradition of rope making take place.

Hawes Rope makers has been trading since 1905 so it's safe to say they have got the hang of it, they make various types of Ropes, Braids even dog leads can you believe.  With the change of time the use of modern materials has also come into play with polyester and polypropylene being amongst their stock

There is nothing these guys don't do, fancy having your bannister made of ropes, that would be a talking piece, or do you need to rope a section of land off, secure your boat to its moorings, it's all here, and don't forget about the horse, they might need tethering up at some point, so make sure you have all your accessories.

Hawes Rope maker's sells their products world- wide and therefore their premises have had to expand in order to cope with the demand, so this is a serious business, but it is an enjoyable day out for you and your young children to enjoy.

Come and see how they are made and you will be talking about it all the way home.


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The Hawes Ropemaker
Town Foot
North Yorkshire
01969 667487

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