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The Herriot Gallery
Hawes, North Dales

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Closed for tea
Breakfast Marmalade

Set in heart of Wensleydale and displays and offers for sale a collection fine art, that features Yorkshire Dales artists and scenery. Also includes a coffee shop and deli with fine food available and a a range of produce to remind you of the dales.

We have all heard of Herriot Country made famous of course by the television series but did you know about the Herriot Gallery where you can come and view work by artists which are local to the area and every so often an exhibition will feature a specific artist's works.  The art work on display changes on a regular basis, so please don't think you have seen it all, far from it, every visit will bring you new delights.

The exhibitions give you a chance to speak to the artist at the preview evening and some of these artists are Royal Academy trained so you can be assured of an evening of intellectual and artistic information.  Names like Brain Alderman who originally from Scotland moved to Hawes and took a studio from which to produce some wonderful landscape works.  Peter Brook is known as the Pennine painter and paints his canvases with scenes of times gone by in the Yorkshire Dales.  Wendy Jones, Ann Kerr and Carol Tyler are some more of the names you may be familiar with and will at some point have an exhibition on at The Herriot Gallery.

The many works that are on display are available for you to purchase, after all these artists have to make a living somehow and the prices are very reasonable when you think that each painting is an original, which is how it should be.

The Gallery only opens on certain days of the week, so make sure you are in Hawes on one of those days - ring for details.


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The Herriot Gallery
Main Street
Upper Wensleydale
North Yorkshire
01969 667536

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