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T.i. Rally School
York, South Dales

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T.i. Rally School offers a unique and fun hands on experience for drivers who wish to taste the excitement of rally driving. Expert tuition is provided and the school offers gift vouchers - perfect for that special birthday or corporate award.  

Cars often have speedo's that go up to 200 miles per hour, but where can you drive your car at that speed on British roads, you can't but the next best thing is available, getting behind the wheel of a Escort Mark II rally car and take it off road, on tarmac and loose surface.

Unlike other schools you are not in a classroom listening to the pros tell you how good they are, you have a briefing, then you are straight into the car for some practice runs then three special stage circuits and the last one is a race against time, now that is just the taster course.

Upgrade and do hand brake turns, power slides, you will have a ball.  Most people tend to do this activity at the weekends but if you can make it during the week there is a discount on offer, might be less busy as this is a popular sport.

Don't worry if you don't even have a driving licence because although you obviously cannot undertake this experience yourself, you can be driven round the special stage at high speed, so hold on to your hat, or helmet in this case.

For the spectators and drivers alike there is a viewing area so all can enjoy the day and remember that insurance is included in the cost of your course. You could give a loved one the surprise of their life by presenting them with a gift voucher for the school.

The school is in York and directions are on the web site.


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T.i. Rally School
The Airfield
Seaton Ross
North Yorkshire
YO42 4NF
01759 318820

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